The history of Mick Doohan in Assen should be taught at school…as motorcycle education!

In 1992, when he was leading the 500cc World Championship battling riders like Rainey, Schwantz, Gardner and Lawson, Mick fell down during the qualifying session strongly injuring his leg.

The great Doctor Costa (we really miss him in this hypertechnologic MotoGP world!) saved his leg by amputation, as firstly suggested by Assen doctors (!).

Doct. Costa picked Mick up bringing him in Italy where he saved both Mick’s leg and sportive life in a few months. Doohan, aussie with a strong character, has been followed night and day by the Italian doctor so finally can get his strength back on the last but one GP of Brazil.

Thanks to his 5 victories during the beginning of the season, Mick was still fighting for the Championship even though Rainey could almost cover the whole gap during Mick’s recovery.

The Honda NSR 500 Rothmans – a two stroke steel thoroughbred – was waiting for him. Despite the weight lost and with a leg muscle that was the half of the healthy one, Mick Doohan was there, under the rain, during the Interlagos Friday’s test.

On Sunday he gritted his teeth for 28 laps finishing miraculously the race at the 12th place but unfortunately with no Championship point as, at that time, the points were given up to 10th place. But Mick didn’t give up, already thinking at the last GP of the season in South Africa.

It was the 6th September 1992 and everything was ready for the last battle at Kyalami circuit.

Doohan started the race and he fought like a lion against everyone and his injured leg as well, but he was only 6th at the checkered flag with a gap of 30 seconds to the winner Kocinsky.

Rainey, third at the end, easily controlled the race, winning the 1992 Championship with only 4 points on Doohan.

The bottom line is that, at the end, that Championship loss would be the springboard for his future bright career: 5 times World Champion, from 1994 to 1998, dominating everywhere and everyone.

One little thing: during that winning five years he always won the Dutch TT in Assen. Just a coincidence?

I started motorcycles hand-drawing just in that year – it seems like yesterday but more than 25 years are already passed – and Mick became the superhero to look to.

The hand-drawing of this article has been realized by me, Nicola Sacchini of Sakartdesign, with mixed technical and portrays Mick on his Assen GP victory of 1997.

A close-up that brings out his really unique riding style.When we look at it in our office, the movie starts, without any video need.