In 2012, when BIMOTA SRL had to challenge the design development of their new “superbike concept bike” and “sport touring concept bike” and were looking for two concept models in line with their brand for EICMA Milan Show 2012, they chose SAKARTDESIGN for our potential and our collaborative spirit.


From the first sketches to the final concept models, SAKARTDESIGN designers and modellers work alongside, so that design development can be provided at its best. Everything -each line, surface and proportion- has its own relevant meaning.


Combining the client’s intimate tradition of their brand and SAKARTDESIGN passion for motorcycle design, the two concept bikes in line with BIMOTA’s vision were delivered.


The starting-point is the ‘Product Brief’ which sets out a design brief, from which we create drafts according to customer requests. Creative process begins: we start the “creative battle” among the SAKARTDESIGN team’s designers to end up with three draft proposals.

The client now chooses his favourite and we use it to create 3D sketches in our virtual stage. The chosen proposal is virtually remodelled and milled in polyurethane, on a 1:1 scale.The manual modelling, crafted with the precious help of our highly qualified professionals – real sculptors – is the most important stage for us, bringing ideas and drawings to the real world.

Here, more than in other stages of the process, there is the physical contact with the bike that is being created. At the end of this stage, and after the formal approval of the style, we then reverse engineer the model in collaboration with the client’s R&D.

The Final Model looks like a real bike, being even painted in custom chosen colours in order to achieve the utmost realistic result.


STYLING Support to the client Style Dept for setting and preliminary definition of the product
MODELLING Creation of style templates by CNC milling, prototyping, verification/modification and manual finishing
ENGINEERING Reverse Engineering and 3D Modelling in collaboration with client R&D Dept.