Our RACING service works hand-in-hand with the riders on the race team from the first concept designs to finished creations, that common thread is woven through the SAKARTDESIGN brand.

GIANNI BORGIOTTI choose SAKARTDESIGN for the transposition of his style and identity in his new own AIROH Aviator 2.1off-road helmet.

This collaboration gave birth to the “Offlimits” original paintscheme with a particular mix of blue/white/black/yellow and red fluo colors.

The distinct elements are the big “OFFLIMITS SUPERMOTO” logos on the chin bar that continue in the sides of the helmet.

GIANNI’s number 18 compear inside the paintsheme of the peak and in the rear zone of the helmet.



Federal IGF-IGM RIDING instructor, Gianni is the mind and the arm of Offlimits Supermoto; he handles the company full time and manages the business passionately: organizing and managing courses.

Born in Milan in 1980, after graduating as an Industrial Electrics Technician he decides to follow his father’s footsteps becoming an electrical system planner.

Three years later successfully becoming a registered technical engineer.

In March 2002, at the age of 21, after a long wait and with his first savings, he is able to buy a his first motorbike: a Husqvarna 570 R.

From that day onwards his passion for supermoto permanently captivates him. He continues the next few years intertwining this passion with his business activity, diligently keeping up with motard over the weekends and occasionally taking part in several competitions of growing magnitude.

He almost wins the Italian cup in 2007 and for three consecutive years he positions himself in second place in the FMI Interregional Championship Lombardia-Piemonte.

His interest for RIDING technique and great RIDING skills make it possible for Gianni to perfect his very own personal style without losing his characteristic spectacular and entertaining nature.

After years of experience efforts and sacrifices, in 2008 he launches Offlimits Supermoto, immediately setting his core-business on riding courses, which later expand to numerous other activities.

Along with the business managment, Gianni continued attending infrequently some high level races, obtaining good results.

In 2014 he won the Italian championship in the S1 category in the standard motorbike category, he won the TTS Championship in the SM DIRT category, as well as two races of Polish Championship he participated in.

He was placed 2nd in the Supermoto Italian Trophy race in San Bonifacio finishing off the season with a spot on the EICMA podium, reaching 3rd place on a BIGFOOT set standard motorbike.






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