We chose this title because actually after Lorenzo de’ Medici born in 1449, advocate of the “Italian Renaissance”, we had to wait more than 500 years, 538 for accuracy, to see the birth of Lorenzo from Palma de Mallorca. The one who became a rider when he was 3 years old has represented the “Renaissance of riding style” on the track. After Masters like Eddie Lawson first and Max Biaggi then.

He fully deserves the name “Magnificent” as in 18 years of career he was able to get the utmost for a rider grown in the Rossi era and then matured in the Marquez era.

The unexpected – but it was in the air – retire came like a thunderbolt in Valencia, the last GP of the current season. Surprise effect, typical of Jorge, master of the art of displacing everyone both on and off the track. Valencia is not a random location. In addition to being the last GP of the season, it is also where the Majorcan won 4 career victories in MotoGP. Dead heat with another Spaniard who is in the hearts of everyone, Dani Pedrosa, who retired in 2018.



Next Sunday in the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in the Valencian Community we will see the last performance of “Martillo” riding a MotoGP. Lucky the ones who would admire his perfectionist riding style once again, for the last time. We’ll be there.

What about “the Magnificent”. The press conference was heartbreaking. Next to Ezpeleta, the great boss, Jorge tried to simulate coldness and determination during his announcement. It was not easy to manage emotions in front of a religiously silent audience, with the participation of many colleagues, but not everyone.

Then, as always, like all the champions who decided to hang up their helmets, tears welled up and the emotion came for him too when he saw himself in the amazing tribute video produced by Dorna, 18 years condensed into a minute and a half, with victories, falls, world championships won and lost. In the end a minute of sincere applause from the entire press room. Chills.

From his words we understood his 5 key moments of his bright career. His victory in 2010 in Malaysia that crowned him MotoGP world champion has been for Jorge “the most important title”, and we know why; then the first win in career, which is never forgotten, in the now distant 2003 in Rio in 125 class.

The first world championship won in 250 with the Aprilia in 2006 together with Dall’Igna with eight victories. The fourth moment, his first victory in MotoGP in 2008 in Portugal, as a rookie on Yamaha. His last “memento” is the MotoGP title won in 2015, the one of 7 victories and 12 podiums in 18 GP, a unique masterpiece with 330 points won, in his second-to-last year in Yamaha.

The two-year passage at Borgo Panigale red court was another epic chapter by Lorenzo. As a Renaissance knight he has, in 2017, first domesticated the pureblood and untamable red beast, and then in the following season, he seized perhaps the most beautiful career victories. The Mugello / Barcelona double and the monstrous victory in Austria ahead of Marc Marquez(!).



It seems like a century ago, in the internet era, from these last 3 victories of his 47 in MotoGP. It seems weird that part of the press and insiders have the memory of `goldfish` just for someone. Jorge with the transition to the HRC Honda in the court of the “King of Kings” Marc Marquez has once again demonstrated his ability to get involved searching for new challenges. Rare and truly champion, given that he no longer had to prove anything to anyone after 3 MotoGP titles and 5 in total. Jorge is still “human”, despite being able to run a Dutch TT race in 2013 in his career only 48 hours after he broke his collarbone during Friday practice after a scary fall at turn 13.

He left immediately for Spain, he had surgery on Saturday in record time and returned on Sunday on the starting grid (!) Fifth on the finish line (!!). Heroic. This episode is enough to summarize a whole career. With the Honda after 18 seasons between Derbi, Aprilia, Yamaha and Ducati, the feeling never took place this year and on the Assen circuit a few months ago the accident suffered with the fracture of a vertebra certainly influenced the decision of the retire.

But as a real “tough guy” Martillo never complained about his physical problem, while like a true perfectionist he often complained about his bike, even if it’s called Honda. A habit, a common character trait with his Master and Friend Max Biaggi.

In the nineties we experienced the retire of “absolute champions” of the 2-stroke era such as Doohan, Schwantz and Rainey, just to name three of them. We can then continue with Lawson, Gardner, Cadalora to finish with Capirossi.

We were young kids, passionate and already motorcycle designer hobbyists, but the tears of those champions are exactly the same as on the faces of Jorge today and Dani last year. They are `Memento` that remain indelible in the memory of true enthusiasts because they make us understand the importance of knowing how to say “stop”.

Thanks Jorge for the tons of emotions you have given to fans all over the world for 18 years. And it’s already Legend.



The illustration is a creation of our collaborator Elia Checchi, a true fan of Lorenzo, especially created for this “memento”.